Toyota announces more production halts, RAV4, Prado impacted

Toyota has had to adjust its production plans yet again after conceding the long-lasting impact of supply shortages, forcing it to temporarily suspend production across four of its major lines.

The company has announced that four production lines in three plants, out of a total of 28 lines in 14 plants, would be suspended, meaning the latest slowdown is far smaller than previously-announced production halts.

The latest suspension involves a two-day halt for the Takaoka Plant that produces the RAV4, a four-day halt for the Tahara Plant that produces the LandCruiser Prado, Lexus GX and 4Runner, and a single-day halt for the Miyata Plant that produces the Lexus NX, ES, UX, and RX.

Toyota says that in spite of the suspensions, it remains on track to deliver 250,000 units for the Japanese market and 500,000 units for the international market.

Throughout the year, Toyota has been apologising to customers for a number of production delays that have impacted both domestic and international deliveries for some of its most popular models.

These production suspensions have forced Toyota to revise its original production forecasts for the full year down from 9.7 million units that it hoped to maintain earlier this year, to 9.2 million units for the year. In a statement, Toyota said:

“We at Toyota would like to again apologise for the repeated adjustments to our production plan due to the parts shortage resulting from the spread of COVID-19, and for causing considerable inconvenience to our customers, who have been waiting for the delivery of vehicles, suppliers, and other parties concerned.”

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