New cars in stock in Australia

Our sister company OnlineAuto has kindly provided us with a list of new vehicles currently available in Australia, based on stock figures provided by its preferred dealers around the country.

These vehicles are new and either on the docks in Australia, in a holding yard, or at the dealership and ready for delivery. Some are also still on a ship but are scheduled to land in the next couple of months or so.

We’ll update this list every fortnight (roughly) so you can keep an eye out for the model you’re after. Some of these are likely to sell fast so please keep in mind we cannot guarantee any cars are still available. Don’t worry though as new vehicles are constantly coming in.

If you are ready to buy, please fill out the quick form here so one of the car buying team can get in touch. They can provide you with not only a free quote, but also offer information on availability and alternative options if the wait list is just too long. Alternatively, you can call them directly on 1300 719 925.

Stocklist as of 15 November, 2023 (click on the table for a larger view):

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