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Save money on your next new car

Jaguar and Mazda3

We can help you save heaps on your next new car, whether you’re after a small eco-focused runaround, a family SUV, or an outright sports car. How? Through fleet buying discounts.

It’s quite simple really. Our parent company buys thousands of new vehicles every month as part of their fleet operations and are given bulk-buying discounts, a bit like a shop owner buying their goods from a wholesaler. We can pass these savings on to you as an individual customer. Don’t believe it? Put us to the test. It’s easy, and free.

To get started simply fill out the quick form below and one of our friendly car buying team members will be in touch.

  • Free quote with no obligation to sign anything
  • No need to haggle with salespeople, we’ll do that
  • New car can be delivered to your door

Put us to the test: Do your research. Take a test drive. Get a quote. Compare your quote with ours.

To get started we just need a contact number so we can call you up to talk about the car you want, including what colour and options etc. We can also do it by email if you prefer. Keep in mind we are based in Australia and we can only get you a deal on a new car (not a used car).


  •  Bulk-buying discounts passed on to you
  • Free new car quote, no obligation
  •  Australia-wide network
  • We deliver the car to your door

Complete the form below to get started.