Performance Test

Racelogic VBOX Sport-decibelAcceleration and Braking Performance

All vehicles road tested by PerformanceDrive on our PDriveTV YouTube channel are tested for 0-60km/h, 0-100km/h, 1/4 mile (not 0-400m), and for 100-0km/h full emergency braking. We use a Racelogic VBOX Sport GPS data-logger for all tests, using the same smooth, dry and flat private road (unless otherwise stated) for every vehicle. Vbox tests are usually done before filming, but most importantly to note, filming is done separately to actual Vbox runs – our videos are just a demonstration (although we try pretty hard to show a good run and example of modes etc).

There isn’t much we can do about weather conditions for each test but we try to maintain consistency with each vehicle (testing later in the day/early morning during summer, for example). We also run 98 RON fuel in petrol vehicles, and try to maintain as close to a full tank as possible. We always run cars with the air-con off, and we do not include a one-foot rollout tolerance.

Acceleration times quoted in the videos are the result of the best run we achieved out of at least three tests (more for manual vehicles), and we try out various take-off methods including building engine revs on the brake (brake-hold), launch control (if fitted), and trying out different drive modes and transmission modes if available (although we might not video each one specifically).

Braking results quoted are the best result out of no more than three tests to reduce fade and overheating, which could otherwise hinder times or distances.

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