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Top 10 best SUVs coming to Australia in 2022

Jun 02, 2021

In the wake of factory shutdowns and microchip shortages, the number of new cars released in 2021 has been massively hindered by external forces hitting even the world’s largest manufacturers. Thankfully, though, momentum has been...

PerformanceDrive’s Top 10 Best Cars of 2020 – Editor’s Picks

Mar 11, 2021

It was definitely a year many of us will never forget. But in dusting off the turmoil, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the more positive aspects of the year in...

Top 10 Italian sports car tax specials

Feb 21, 2021

Italy is renowned for making some of the world’s most desirable supercars, but the working-class vehicles made do with very tiny engines. Due to a punitive tax for vehicles over 2.0-litres, some unique specials were...

Top 10 Underpowered Brazilian Hatchbacks

Jan 28, 2021

People love Brazilians and getting a Brazilian, but this breathless bunch couldn’t pull a Rio Carnival float over black ice. Around the world, the necessity of capacity taxes as a means of reducing emissions has...

Top 10 Experimental Australian engines / abandoned programs

Jan 19, 2021

The archetypal Australian engine became either a large displacement six-cylinder or V8, thanks in no small part to Ford and Holden. Throughout the years, there have been experiments aimed at boosting the export prospects of...

Top 10 rarest Ford models produced in Australia

Jan 09, 2021

Just as is the case with Holden, Ford is woven into the fabric of Australia’s automotive atmosphere – the local arm did build cars here for 91 years after all. The Falcon and other models...

VFACTS: Top 10 best-selling cars in Australia in 2020

Jan 06, 2021

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries has released the December 2020 VFACTS new vehicle registration figures today, which reveals the best-selling cars of the year in Australia. Before we put together our usual big report,...

Top 10 best manual transmission gear shifters

Dec 21, 2020

Many publications have been prognosticating the demise of the manual gearbox for the best part of the last decade. While it is undeniable that the row-your-own gearbox is disappearing from mainstream and even many sports...

Top 4 Affordable Manual Sports Cars

Aug 03, 2020

With the SUV apocalypse well and truly here, it seems to be getting harder to find a cheap, manual sports car. So what vehicles tick the checklist? First, we’ll need to set a budget. While...

top 5 cars for extended asset write off-2

5 cars you should totally buy with the extended asset write-off scheme

Jun 20, 2020

The Government’s instant asset tax write-off has been extended through to the end of 2020. Under the scheme, small business owners with turnover under $500 million can instantly write off an asset at tax time...

Top 5 fun cars

Top 5 fun yet sensible cars for young professionals

Jun 15, 2020

You’ve graduated uni, settled into a job, have no kids and aren’t a true ‘adult’ yet – so now it’s time to have some fun. What car should you buy? Here are our top 5...

Top 10 SUVs coming to Australia 2021

Top 10 best SUVs coming to Australia in 2021

May 12, 2020

SUVs are the most popular vehicle style at the moment. During 2019, Australian new car buyers bought 483,388 of them according to VFACTS figures. That’s almost half of all 1,062,867 vehicles sold in that year,...