Porsche global sales hit new record in 2022, up 3% on 2021 record

Brett Davis

Porsche has posted yet another yearly global sales record, with 2022 seeing a modest jump of 3 per cent compared with the previous year. Its most popular model was the Cayenne SUV followed by the Macan.

Throughout 2022 Porsche delivered 309,884 vehicles around the world, up from 301,915 in 2021. Despite the minor increase of 3 per cent, 2021 efforts were a record for the company as well, which means 2022 pushed that benchmark further.

China was its most successful market, contributing 93,286 units to that yearly total. That’s down 2 per cent on the previous year. North America was the second biggest market, accounting for 79,260 units (up from 79,166), followed by Europe (excluding Germany) with 62,685 units (up 7 per cent).

Its home market of Germany saw 29,512 deliveries (up 3 per cent). If you include these in the total for Europe (92,197), Europe was the second-biggest market, understandably.

The most popular model for the year around the world was the Cayenne, with 95,604 sales, followed by the Macan with 86,724 sales. The iconic 911 reported 40,410 units, up 5 per cent, while the Taycan saw 34,801 deliveries. The Taycan figure could have been higher but instead a 16 per cent decline is being attributed to the various supply chain delays facing much of the industry.

Completing the lineup, the Panamera reached 34,142 sales (up 13 per cent), and the 718 Boxster and Cayman hit 18,203 units. Speaking about the overall results, Detlev von Platen, executive board member for sales and marketing at Porsche AG, said:

“The many challenges caused by the war in Ukraine, interrupted supply chains and the ongoing semiconductor crisis have shaped the past year and put us to the test. So I am all the prouder of the entire Porsche team. In this difficult environment, we have succeeded in fulfilling the dream of owning a Porsche for more customers than ever before.”

In Australia, Porsche sales hit 5608 units during 2022, which is up a whopping 26.6 per cent. This one of the biggest increases in the industry for a prominent car brand reporting at least 5000 units.

The most popular model locally was easily the Macan, with 2737 sales (up 17.6 per cent), followed by the Cayenne wagon with 858 units (up 113.4 per cent), and then the Cayenne Coupe with 723 sales (up 66.2 per cent). The 911 hit 547 sales (up 27.8 per cent). As you can see, all SUVs and the 911 contributed to the overall success in 2022.

The weakest performer in Australia was the Taycan, with 430 sales, dropping 19 per cent from 2021, again, likely due to supply constraints rather than interest and demand: These local stats are according to VFACTS figures which count new vehicle registrations – not new orders. That’s usually the case for global figures as well. See below for the complete local figures for Porsche, as provided by the December VFACTS report:

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