Rimac Nevera sets world record top speed for electric production vehicle (video)

Brett Davis

The epic Rimac Nevera has clocked a whopping top speed of 412km/h in Germany, setting a new world record for a production electric vehicle.

It was driven by Rimac’s chief test driver, Miro Zrnčević, at the Automotive Testing Papenburg facility in Germany. The track features two 4km straights, where the Nevera was able to soar past 400km/h.

The speed was recorded on a Racelogic Vbox data-logger (similar to what we use for our 0-100 tests), with the standard Michelin Cup 2 R tyres.

Customer cars are speed-limited to 352km/h, however, Rimac can unlock the full speed during special events, where Rimac teams can be on standby for support. Company founder and boss, Mate Rimac, said:

“After breaking the world record for the fastest accelerating road car ever, the Nevera also confirmed its top speed – 412 km/h GPS-measured speed. Exactly as simulated and announced from day one, making it the fastest production EV.”

Rimac says that although the top speed was “easy” to achieve in the Nevera, he says there is some room for development and fine-tuning. Rimac said:

“What we’re most proud of is how easy it is to achieve such as speed in the Nevera and how controllable/stable the car is. However, there is still huge room for improvement (see power oscillation) which we’ll do to have even better results, especially in acceleration.”

The Rimac Nevera set an acceleration record in 2021, crossing the quarter mile in just 8.6 seconds. That’s an astonishing time, especially for a car that is road legal, with air-conditioning and other creature comforts. Rimac says the next goal is to conquer lap times.

As a refresher, the Nevera is powered by four electric motors that combine to produce a colossal 1427kW of power and 2360Nm of Earth-bending torque. It can cover 0-100km/h in just 1.97 seconds. Check out the video below to see the top speed run.

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