Orders for 2022 Nissan Z set to open on November 15?

Alexi Falson

Rumours are swirling around at the moment, suggesting Nissan is set to open the order book for its next-generation Z sports car, often dubbed as the ‘400Z’, on November 15. The new model has so far only been shown in “close-to-final” prototype form.

2020 Nissan Z Proto concept with history

The news comes from a purported staff member at Nissan that apparently let slip that the replacement for the 370Z will be available for pre-order from mid November. The info was posted to a forum dedicated to the new Nissan Z, called NewNissanZ.com.

If the proposed timeline turns out to be accurate, it seems likely that the first deliveries of the upcoming Z will take place some time in 2022, with specs and features expected to be confirmed in the lead up to reservations formally opening.

2020 Nissan Z Proto concept-rear

We reported back in January that patent images submitted to the Australian Intellectual Property database were discovered, which gives us a clearer picture of what the 2022 Nissan Z car will look like. And, as no surprise, it looks very much like that Z Proto concept that Nissan unveiled in September last year.

In terms of power, Nissan has confirmed that the new model will be powered by a twin-turbocharged V6 unit, paired to a six-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive configuration. Nissan hasn’t given us any specifics in terms of power outputs, but most speculation – and some physical evidence – suggests it will be the VR30 engine from the Infiniti Red Sport models. We could see power figures in excess of 298kW.

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