YouTuber’s Ferrari F8 Tributo Burns to a Crisp in Texas Field

Alexi Falson

YouTuber Cody Detwiler, otherwise known as ‘WhistlinDiesel’ has set more than the online world on fire with his latest clip, which resulted in his Ferrari F8 Tributo burning to the ground on a corn field in Texas.

The video, titled “The Fastest Way to Lose Half a Million Dollars,” kicks off with the usual WhistlinDiesel antics, oversteering his Ferrari F8 at high speeds in the cornfield in what should have been part two of his Ferrari F8 torture test.

Within seconds, you can see a small fire breaking out around the F8’s rear exhausts, to which cameramen begin shouting “fire, fire fire.”

“We’re on fire,” says Detwiler, before switching the F8 into neutral, exiting the cabin and taking note of the fire spreading to the dried vegetation within the wheels and brakes at the rear.

Alas, a few cans of energy drinks were not enough to extinguish the flames which engulfed the F8 and reduced it to a pile of ash and carbon ceramic brake rotors.

We reported on Cody’s previous video of the F8 which was titled “I bought a $400,000 Ferrari just to destroy it,” which he later joked about receiving a “cease to exist” letter from Ferrari in a previous clip.

The “cease to exist” letters were a play on words on the “cease and desist” notices that Ferrari has been known to issue to owners that aren’t treating their prancing horse in a manner deemed to be respectful by the factory.

Funnily enough, the latest video concludes with Cody standing out front of a Ferrari dealership, looking yet another F8 straight down the barrel.

It’s doubtful that Ferrari will be willing to sell Cody another brand-new vehicle for the rest of his life, though we’re sure that won’t stop WhistlinDiesel from completing his Ferrari torture test series.

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