Wisemann ‘Project Gecko’ previewed, uses BMW V8TT

September 17, 2019

Bespoke sportscar fans will remember the Wisemann name, especially those very familiar with the original Gran Turismo gaming series. Well, the German company has announced it is working on a new model known as Project Gecko.

Like the original Wisemann MF 30 and other previous models, Project Gecko continues its strong connection with BMW. As such, the company says the new model will be powered by a BMW twin-turbo V8. This suggests either the M50i 4.4-litre unit that produces 390kW and 750Nm in vehicles such as the M850i, or the more potent M unit featured in the M5 that produces up to 460kW.

Wisemann says the new model will offer a perfect 50:50 weight distribution thanks to a front-mid-mounted engine with rear-wheel drive. This layout should provide a very exciting driving experience, as per traditional Wisemann models. Roheen Berry, Wisemann owner and chief, said:

“This last true independent manufacturer of German sports cars is back and has an exciting future to look forward to. When we set out on this journey we said we wanted to re-engineer an icon and we are on track to do exactly that.”

As for the design, we’re only given these teaser images which don’t show much. However, the company says Project Gecko will present a familiar character that’s evolved rather than evolved. It will also be based on a fresh platform made from lightweight materials.

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Project Gecko, named after the company’s logo, will be hand-built at Wisemann’s original factory in Dulmen, Germany. Production is penned in to commence in 2020.

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