Video: Rimac One vs Tesla Model S vs LaFerrari

Alexi Falson

News regarding the super-exclusive Rimac Concept One has been hard to find recently, but we’ve stumbled upon a pretty special clip from Archie Hamilton Racing illustrating just how quickly it can move off the line in a quarter-mile drag race.

“Even primitive (DC) electric motors can outperform any combustion engine in almost all fields,” CEO Mate Rimac said.

We’re not going to deny the above statement is fairly accurate, even among hypercar royalty. For further emphasis, have a look what the Rimac does to a very quick car in its own right, the Tesla Model S P90D. Check out the race below.

Okay, so Archie Hamilton in the LaFerrari didn’t exactly nail the start of the first drag race, but that instantaneous delivery of 800kW/1600Nm is a hard feat to match in any super, hyper or megacar. The second attempt was much better, but still has the Croatian EV pulling out an impressive lead over the 708kW/900Nm LaFerrari.

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