Video: Porsche pays tribute to 911’s off-road ‘alter-ego’

It was only a few days ago that there was talk of Porsche developing an off-road 911 concept ready for the Beijing Motor Show in April. The company has now released a video that pays tribute to the 911’s off-road ‘alter ego’.

1974 Porsche 911 rally car

Although it’s far from confirmation that an SUV 911 is on the way, the video does at least provide a hint that the company is looking to celebrate the model’s off-road potential.

The video includes seven-time Pikes Peak Hill Climb winner Jeff Zwart taking the 1984 Porsche 911 Type 953 Paris-Dakar rally car for a drive. This year will be the car’s 30th anniversary.

There’s been a few rumours circulating over the past week about Porsche potentially thinking of producing an off-road version of the iconic 911. Such a model could be made to cater for regions where the roads aren’t smooth enough for the regular 911 sports car.