Video: Holden marketing campaign takes a stab at Toyota?

Holden has released its latest marketing campaign, with a few striking similarities to Toyota’s ‘Let’s Go Places’ campaign.

Holden Lets Go There

Described by Holden as a “fresh and bold new brand campaign”, the tagline ‘Let’s Go There’ is bound to attract some attention due to its similarity to Toyota’s ‘Let’s Go Places’ campaign that was released more than a year ago.

In a statement, Holden’s director of marketing Bill Mott made no mention of the similarities to Toyota’s campaign, instead adding that,

“The entire campaign will be big and bold, including TV, outdoor, digital and cinema executions. It will be impossible to miss. We are confident that we have developed an outstanding communications platform that establishes a new direction and charts a bright and winning future for our iconic Australian brand.”

Two promos have been released by Holden, one featuring young children with their plans for the next generation Commodore, with the second video showcasing Holden’s testing procedures and facility.

No word yet from Toyota regarding the campaign, but keep checking PerformanceDrive for more updates.

2 thoughts on “Video: Holden marketing campaign takes a stab at Toyota?

  1. Pitiful advertising Holden, use a bunch of kids to restore my faith in a product i and many other Holden faithful have no intrest in buying. I want a FWD car about as badly as i want all my sports teams i follow to finish last in their respective leagues. For the people who will undoubtedly tell me but there will be the Corvette or the Dodge i say to you they wont be the same price as a base model SS or even a Calais. I have a feeling this will all end up when its said and done as a case study for other large corporations on how to kill sales and a leading brand. Retail 101 GM is make sure your selling what the consumer wants.

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