McLaren testing hybrid setup with 570GT prototype? (video)

Alexi Falson

‘Tis the season for testing out of the infamous Nurburgring, and the latest video shows us McLaren is developing an interesting new model – or powertrain – based on the 570GT.


Woking-based McLaren has been spotted testing out a 570GT prototype which, judging by footage, looks to be a lot stiffer than your average supercar. The 570GT can be seen traversing the carousel left-hander, bouncing around with what looks to be a new suspension calibration offering a super-firm ride.

In addition, some whispers are starting to circulate that McLaren could be testing out a new powertrain after hearing the significantly muffled exhaust note. This could prove to be a test mule of a new hybrid petrol-electric powertrain set to debut in the successor of the 650S.

As far as we know the 650S successor project is codenamed P14 and is expected to use a revised version of the 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8, mated to an electric motor in a similar fashion to the flagship P1 hypercar. The 650S sits above the 570-series models, but sometimes carmakers test powertrains in various bodies, as we might be seeing here. Take a loot below.

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