2021 Bentley Bentayga debuts new accessories, Akrapovic exhaust

Brett Davis

Would you like to customise your 2021 Bentley Bentayga with some genuine accessories? You’re in luck. The storied British marque has just announced a range of new and interesting options for the ultra-luxurious SUV.

Four different accessories packs, to be precise. These cover the exterior and performance, interior comfort and luxury, touring capability and storage, and protection. All are available for customers wishing to personalise their vehicle while enhancing the SUV’s capability in each of the respective areas.

Firstly, the performance and exterior. Bentley has teamed up with renowned aftermarket exhaust specialist, Akrapovic, to devise a unique sports exhaust option. This includes link pipes, a muffler, and twin oval tips, made predominately from lightweight and high-quality titanium. The central silencer is also replaced by straight pipes for a more characterful note.

To spruce up the exterior, buyers can option for high-gloss carbon fibre side mirrors, paired nicely with the Blackline Specification which replaces all chrome trimmings with gloss black highlights for that fashionable street tuner look. There’s also a fixed side step option being introduced, available in carbon, gloss black, or Moonbeam painted finish.

Inside, Bentley is offering a new relaxation package which includes leather scatter cushions (seriously), and additional footrests covered in deep-pile carpet. Special luggage packs in traditional case style or weekender style, as well as golf bags are also being offered. Alternatively, the standard luggage set is available as an option, in Beluga calf leather.

Opting for the new touring packs can help boost the Bentayga’s practicality. Things like a Bentley roof box, bespoke bike and ski racks, and storage for valuables inside provide more options than relying on the 484-litre boot. The lockable roof box offers a load capacity of 75kg and a volume of 320 litres, while the boot area can be optioned with integrated boxes and drawers.

Lastly, Bentley is offering an exclusive car cover so buyers can protect their pride and joy. Two colours are being presented, and shaped perfectly to match the contours of the Bentayga. There’s also heavy duty floor mats available for those wanting to explore the off-road capability of the SUV.

The 2021 Bentley Bentayga is on sale now, with the first Australian deliveries scheduled to commence from the first quarter of next year.

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