Lexus Set to Kick LF-ZC Concept into Production by 2026

Alexi Falson

Lexus has taken to the Tokyo Mobility Show to unveil a radical new battery-electric concept vehicle that the company says will be put into production by 2026 – that car is the LF-ZC concept.

While the name derives from the not-so-interesting phrase for ‘Lexus Future Zero-emission Catalyst’ (LF-ZC), the styling package is extremely exciting and yes, while it remains a concept vehicle, Lexus is obviously not shying away from bold, futuristic design language.Lexus says the styling “foreshadows a stirring driving experience,” though sadly, there’s no powertrain details for us to report on just yet, though Lexus says it will come boasting a Direct4 all-wheel drive system pioneered by the RZ and the steer-by-wire system.

The LF-ZC comes riding on a brand-new modular platform for the company, which will be used in future EVs as Lexus aims to become an all-electric brand by 2035.This modular platform splits the vehicle into three parts: front, centre and rear, with Lexus now able to cast parts, reposition battery packs and even get vehicles to autonomously drive themselves to the next step of the production line.

The company is also boasting super slick coefficient of drag figures of just 0.2, and promises that its next-generation prismatic batteries offer up to “twice the range of conventional BEVs.”Prismatic batteries don’t contain any new magical chemistry inside, rather, they’re a different arrangement that effectively stacks them atop each other, allowing Lexus to cram more capacity into a vehicle.

We’ll have to see just how watered-down the production version of the LF-ZC’s styling package is when it makes its production debut in 2026.

Overall Length

4750 mm

Overall Width

1880 mm

Overall Height

1390 mm


2890 mm

Cd value

Under 0.2 (Target Value)

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