Ferrari Purosangue makes its debut in Australia, on sale from $728,000 (video)

Brett Davis

The game-changing and mind-blowing Ferrari Purosangue has made its debut in Australia in Sydney this week, during a special event coinciding with the opening of Universo Ferrari.

This is the first time Universo Ferrari is being exhibited outside Italy, which speaks big things of the Australian market for the brand. It’s essentially a museum exhibit with some very iconic Ferrari models, Formula 1 showcases, and a bit of a storyline of the company’s legendary history.

Customers walk through the exhibit a bit like walking through an IKEA store. Except, instead of checking out efficiently-packed homewares and furniture, the showcase is all about Ferrari, with priceless artefacts and modern masterpieces to view as you make your way around. There is a section that allows you to touch and feel some current models, too, including sit inside them.

However, the star of the event, for us, is definitely the new Purosangue (translating to mean ‘thoroughbred’). This is Ferrari’s first SUV. Although, the company doesn’t like to think of it as an SUV but more of a four-seat sports car, with some ability to go off road. Ferrari’s chief marketing and commercial officer, Enrico Galliera, said during a media conference today:

“The starting point of this car, is that it should be a sports car. So it is not designed for off road. But, can you use this car off road? Yes.”

Powering the Purosangue is a 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12, developing 533kW (725PS) and 716Nm. It is based on the existing ‘F140’ unit, similar to what is seen in the 812, however, it has been tuned specifically to suit this style of vehicle. For example, Ferrari says it tuned it so it’s more responsive during low revs.

Performance credentials are exceptional enough to frighten even the most serious of supercars though, with 0-100km/h coming up in a claimed 3.3 seconds, 0-200km/h claimed in just 10.6 seconds, and a top speed of over 310km/h.

Grip comes courtesy of not only a clever all-wheel drive system but a set of 255/35 front and 315/30 rear tyres. These are mounted on 22-inch front and whopping 23-inch rear wheels.

Ferrari confirms each Purosangue will go through its personalisation department, meaning every example should be different, but customers will also have the possibility of going through its Tailor Made division.

That’s if you can get through the queue. At the moment Ferrari says the division is limited in terms of customer projects. Not all cars it sells can go through the Tailor Made customisation department. In terms of the possibilities with personalisation configurations, Enrico Galliera said:

“The limit is the sky. There is no limit. This car will enter into our personalisation and atelier program. The only real limit is not the model it’s the number. Every single car is different because it goes through the personalisation program. But the specific Tailor Made is offered only to collectors and in a limited number.”

On that note, Ferrari says the Purosangue is not a limited model, per se. But, it is obviously only going to be in production for a certain number of years. Ferrari is seeing a lot of new customers coming to its brand looking at the Purosangue, but it says priority will be given to existing clients first. At least during the initial phase of its market entry.

The new model is expected to become Ferrari’s most popular model ever. Even so, production capacity will be somewhat limited to fall in line with the company’s philosophy on exclusivity. In fact, Enrico Galliera said the Purosangue will not account for any more than 20 per cent of its total showroom sales during its lifecycle.

Apply a bit of reverse-engineering and you can guesstimate some annual figures. Ferrari’s global sales in 2021 reached 11,155 vehicles. 20 per cent of that calculates out as 2231 units. Galliera specifically said “during its lifecycle” and not necessarily per year. However, we think around 2200-plus units per year could be a fairly reliable estimate.

In Australia Ferrari says it is seeing an even spread of interest from customers around the country, but says obviously popular cities such as Sydney and Melbourne are drawing more orders. So, what’s the price? The Purosangue starts from AU$728,000, before on-road costs and before any options.

Universo Ferrari will open to the public on November 29, but special hosting functions are running from November 26-29 for VIPs and close clientele. Check out our walk-around video below for a closer look.

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