Ferrari celebrates 30 years in Hong Kong, 600-Ferrari gathering

October 21, 2013

A collection of around 600 Ferraris gathered at Asia World Expo to help celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary in Hong Kong. It’s the biggest collection of Ferraris ever gathered in Greater China.

Ferrari celebrates 30 years in Hong Kong

China’s auto industry is certainly booming at the moment, with high-end luxury cars becoming increasingly popular. There are now around 1700 Ferrari owners in Hong Kong, including special clientele who have acquired various rare models including historic F1 cars.

As a way of celebrating, the huge pack of Ferrari vehicles gathered to form a five-petal flower at the Asia World Expo on the island of Lantau representing Bauhinia Blakeana, known as the symbol of Hong Kong.

Included in the mix of cars is the Ferrari 365 GTC, the Ferrari Dino, as well as extreme power machines such as the more modern Ferrari 599XX and Enzo-based FXX Evoluzione. Luca di Montezemolo, Ferrari president, was on attendance. He said,

“I am pleased to be here to celebrate Ferrari’s thirty years in Hong Kong, along with so many owners who share our passion and the search for excellence, exclusivity and innovation. Their contribution to our growth in Greater China has always been a vital element and it will continue to be so in the future.”

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Montezemolo spoke about the success of the Ferrari brand in the local market and his plans to maintain market growth, saying,

“It’s true that China is a relatively new market, where we are now present with thirty dealerships, and with a big margin for growth, but this year we want to maintain sales at those of last year.”

The average age of the Ferrari owner in Hong Kong is just 35, which is quite low. Ferrari says the market has a big propensity for car personalisation, with the ‘Tailor Made’ Ferrari program continuing to be very successful.

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