Czinger 21C debuts as all-new hybrid hypercar, 1250hp (video)

Another day, another new supercar hits the scene. It seems. This one is from a new Californian-based manufacturer called Czinger Vehicles, debuting the 21C.

The headline stats are very serious. Czinger (pronounced ‘zinger’) says it has developed an all-new 2.88-litre twin-turbo V8 which sends power the rear wheels, paired with two electric motors for the front wheels. These electric motors also provide torque vectoring.

They’re talking about outputs in the vicinity of 932.5kW (1250hp) at 10,500rpm, with a redline of 11,000rpm. With four-wheel drive the 21C promises a 0-100km/h sprint in just 1.9 seconds, with the quarter mile coming up in an unbelievable 8.1 seconds.

All of that power is sent through a seven-speed sequential automatic transaxle transmission that uses a hydraulic multi-plate clutch, which is also developed and built in-house by Czinger. The epic performance is partly thanks to a very low kerb weight of just 1250kg, or buyers can option for a lightweight configuration that brings the figure down to 1218kg.

As for the design, it takes on a traditional low-slung profile with a dome-like cabin glasshouse right in the middle. The nose is very low and pointed, with vertical stacked headlights essentially mounted on the front of the front wheel arches. A mid-mounted motor behind the cabin is nestled in a flat and long rear section, topped off with a big wing.

Czinger is planning to unveil the hypercar to the public at the Geneva motor show, which starts on March 3. Production is going to be limited to just 80 units, with both road and track versions on offer. Check out the video below for more.