BBR Mazda MX-5 gets a supercharger and almost 200kW

British tuning company BBR has come up with a number of supercharger upgrades for the Mazda MX-5 sports car. Power can be increased by as much as 74kW on the standard 2.0-litre engine.

The company has developed two different packages; Stage One and Stage Two. These can be adapted to suit 1.8-litre Mk III models, up to the current ‘Mk 3.5’ of today.

For the Stage One kit, the package includes an Eaton MP62 supercharger, an intercooler, higher flowing injectors, and a new air intake system with new pipes. With a StarChip ECU working its magic, the kit provides the following power outputs:

  • 2.0i MK3 – 235 BHP (175 kW) and 190 lb-ft (257 Nm) of torque
  • 2.0i MK3.5 – 241 BHP (180 kW) and 190 lb-ft (257 Nm) of torque
  • 1.8SE MK3 / MK3.5 – 217 BHP (162 kW) and 176 lb-ft (238 Nm) of torque

For those wanting more power, the Stage Two package adds a full stainless steel exhaust system including extractors, a further revised ECU, and a high-flow air filter. The upgrades boost power to the following outputs:

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  • 2.0i MK3 – 252 BHP (188 kW) and 208 lb-ft (282 Nm) of torque
  • 2.0i MK3.5 – 258 BHP (192 kW) and 208 lb-ft (282 Nm) of torque
  • 1.8SE MK3 / MK3.5 – 231 BHP (172 kW) and 190 lb-ft (257 Nm) of torque

Prices for the Stage One kit start at £4295 (approximately AU$6737), while Stage Two prices start at £5455 (approximately AU$8556).

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