Alfa Romeo future lineup exposed in leaked timeline sheet

Mitchell Jones

A purported internal document has outlined a pathway for an Alfa Romeo product assault between now and 2020. The brand’s current range are pictured, including the carbon-fibre-tubbed 4C and 4C Spider, the C-segment Giulietta, the Audi A1-rivalling Mito, and the all-new Giulia mid-size sedan.

Alfa Romeo future product plan 2020The next round of products are pictured under wraps, and are described as: Mid-size UV, Full-size sedan, UV’s (2), Specialty (2) and Hatchback.

The ‘Mid-Size UV’ obviously refers to the upcoming Stelvio, which is due to be revealed at the LA Motor Show in November. Beyond that, the ‘Full-size Sedan’ would most logically be the 5 Series/E-Class executive sedan previously reported, continuing the lineage where the 166 left off.

Two new utility vehicles seem to suggest the Stelvio may be bookended either side by a compact SUV entry and a larger, X5-sized jobbie, while the two specialty cars might be exotics in the mould of the 4C or maybe even something as rare as the Viper-engined Zagato TZ3 Stradale.

After this it gets more interesting with ‘Hatchback’. This most likely refers to the next Giulietta and there are strong indications it will be rear-wheel drive like the Giulia. Sergio Marchionne has hinted he wants to keep Alfa Romeo’s pedigree with RWD cars. If this does come to fruition, it may be the only rear-drive C-segment hatch as BMW is tipped to switch to the front-drive UKL platform for the next 1 Series.

Beyond that, there is a notable absence of electric and hybrid power. Marchionne is famously defiant in his opposition to these powertrains but with emissions legislation tightening, the question remains; will the MiTo stay on to improve Alfa’s fleet average? This is a tricky one as the Fiat-based hatch might compromise the targeted perception of pedigree, but you can’t deny the advantages of having a premium light car and the aforementioned emissions benefit.

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