2011 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb results: Monster Tajima breaks record

Nobuhiro Tajima, ‘Monster’ has just broken the world record at the 2011 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with a time of 9:51.278. This gives the Pikes Peak master his sixth consecutive win for the Race to the Clouds event.

Following up from our previous Pikes Peak feature report, Monster set out to break his previous record of 10mins 1.4sec this year, which he set in 2007. He not only beat the time, he beat it by just under 10 seconds. Using the famous Suzuki Sport SX4 ballistic hill climb machine, the car had been revised for this year’s event due to increasing amounts of tarmac sections being laid onto the course over the years.

The 19.99km normally-public track was dominated by Tajima and his 3.1-litre twin-turbo V6 weapon, with help from the 678kW (910hp) on tap and the sophisticated four-wheel drive system. As usual, Tajima’s Suzuki was competing in the Unlimited class.

Another favourite for this year’s Pikes Peak Climb was Rhys Millen, son of Rod Millen. Rod set the record for the overall quickest Pikes climb over ten years ago. This year it was his son in the Hyundai-powered PM580 Le Mans-style racer who was attempting to reclaim the record. Unfortunately, Rhys suffered from brake problems during the event and posted a best time of 10:09.30.

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Interestingly, Rod Millen was back in the driver’s seat too. But not in the PM580, instead he drove in the 2WD Time Attack class in a rear-drive Formula Drift Hyundai Genesis Coupe. He took out the class win in the car with a time of 11:04.912.

Taking out the 4WD Time Attack class was female driver Brianne Corn. She became the first female to compete in the Pikes Peaks climb since Michele Mouton did it in 1984.

Take a look below the gallery for the full results of the 2011 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb event.

Exhibition Powersport

Pos.DriverNo.Finish Time
1Joe Kopp311:26.530
2Chip Yates48912:50.094
3Aaron Butler19514:54.00
4Edward Smith52915:52.116
Douglas Siddens111DNF

Time Attack 2WD

Pos.DriverNo.Finish Time
1Rod Millen67611:04.912
2Jeff Zwart11111:07.869
3Toshiki Yoshioka10411:33.734
4Jerad Voight7712:58.546
5Roy Tomkins11913:04.231
6Savannah Rickli12713:24.296
7Kris Antal8813:29.417
8Ryan McLaughlin46014:54.515
Ken Stouffer22DNF
Kash Singh37DNF
Rogers Matthews72DNF

Quad Modified

Pos.DriverNo.Finish Time
1Michael Coburn13811:59.021
2Mike Ell13112:17.264
3Mike Tollett7512:26.399
4John Stallworth9112:42.919
5Chris Wagner91912:58.930
6Joe Portillo14713:53.214
Theo Bernhard42DNF


Pos.DriverNo.Finish Time
1Keith Davisdon16312:44.126
2Jess Neal4213:20.657
3Jack Rogers36913:31.936
4Bob Hill11013:54.129
5Ralf Christensson38914:18.881
6Jim Hodgson16414:52.030
7Mark Visconti99516:02.372

RMVR Modified

Pos.DriverNo.Finish Time
1Ralph Murdock3012:51.004
2Douglas Mockett13313:01.997
3John Groendyke47613:11.312
4Tony Landon37213:51.018
5John Heavey55414:21.550
Richard Hockert721DNF

Pikes Peak Open

Pos.DriverNo.Finish Time
1Randy Schranz1711:55.132
2Brad Lovell43212:33.609
3David Cole45413:05.318
4JT Taylor1313:26.857
5Dean Burling7413:27.843
6Samuel Berri14913:48.688
7Kevin Yoder3414:10.063
8David Schmidt2614:14.040
9Shawn Fink30714:48.804
10Gavin Skilton9315:37.024
Roger Lovell32DNF
Mattew Petersen212DNF
Lauchlin O’Sullivan76DNF

Time Attack 4WD

Pos.DriverNo.Finish Time
1Brianne Corn96811:56.422
2Robert Thorne9512:00.661
3Harrad Demuth58512:07.312
4Victor Kuhns11612:08.632
5David Kern15612:12.630
6Tom Wright1513:00.360
7Carlos Martinez De Campos12313:10.161
8Martin Mennig48613:27.694
9Valentin Ivanitski2114:48.358
Stephan Verdier300DNF
Christy Carlson298DNF


Pos.DriverNo.Finish Time
1Nobuhiro Tajima109:51.278
2Rhys Millen6710:09.242
3Jean Philippe Dayraut310:17.707
Dave Carapetyan959DNF
Paul Dallenbach98DNF

Open Wheel

Pos.DriverNo.Finish Time
1Spencer Steele4310:42.366
2Jimmy Olson4010:44.163
3Dave Wood1111:58.011
4Dan Novembre2812:18.447
5Shawn Johnson9012:24.560
6Rodney OMaley6512:38.465
7Andy Figueroa7112:41.867
8Lorie Wood1213:33.916
Chris Strauch56DNF
Jimmy Kenney69DNF

Super Stock Car

Pos.DriverNo.Finish Time
1Clint Vahsholtz1810:55.603
2Layne Shranz711:22.500
3Steve Goeglien2711:44.524
4Rod Moberly1412:15.525
Bobby Regester44DNF

250 Motorcycle

Pos.DriverNo.Finish Time
1Chuck Lee5612:39.366
2Zach Warnock10712:43.072
3Codie Vahsholtz28512:51.183
4Randy Belisle3312:54.669
5Scott Warner23213:21.449
6Joey Hamilton3913:32.208
7Jimi Heyder44213:43.59
8Paul Delio6813:50.56
9James Buchner2313:59.40
10Daniel Perry98914:16.18
11David Perry13714:21.31
12Daniel Berendes59114:21.75
Anthony Miele407DNF

450 Motorcycle

Pos.DriverNo.Finish Time
1Davey Durelle5811:50.988
2Joe Prussiano42112:11.046
3Travis Newbold74712:19.445
4Tom McCarthy2612:35.584
5Mark Woodward6612:38.374
6Darryl Lujan6912:47.717
7Scot Lee15112:59.671
8Teague Sawyer1013:01.47
9Dave Stock2213:04.37
10Doug Chestnutt21113:07.12
11Donnie Burns93713:12.114
12Chris Johns21413:20.391
13Michael Kassebaum413:28.499
14Justin Rastegar80113:29.235
15Mark Bartle31313:41.965
16Dean Mizes71113:46.771
17Charlie Ford31213:47.913
18Mitchell Trom26313:58.385
19Mike Scarsella77616:19.240
20Joshua Hamblen17118:27.155
Zach Kinzler920DNF

Supermoto 450

Pos.DriverNo.Finish Time
1Leeland Sinclair52112:05.178
2Greg Chicoine10012:05.527
3Craig Gleason9612:14.628
4Geoff Cesmat8512:28.030
5Alessandro Scalabrin77012:33.862
6Chase Guthrie8212:41.872
7Jeff Delio17912:42.872
8Mark Niemi15212:47.367
9Greg Nichols22012:55.318
10Chip Golden32412:55.506
11Eddie Tofoya51512:56.732
12Lorenzo Marchini10913:01.403
13Tom Specht31113:03.152
14Scott Lapierre29913:28.56
15John Kollars83113:29.15
16Mattew Hazelwood46813:32.470
17Sean Arnold60713:39.708
18Scott Allen34313:41.785
19Keith Hendry34013:52.676
20Ed Russell36514:02.297
21Daniel Raygor31414:06.390
22Kevin Brown75714:49.590

750 Motorcycle

Pos.DriverNo.Finish Time
1Stuart Sinclair50811:27.396
2Gary Trachy35711:32.004
3Marco Belli22912:10.660
4James McKay33312:14.212
5David Johansen57012:47.292
6Rusty Wilson11312:58.802
7Jerry Brown12113:07.008
8Chris Koxlien93113:13.008
9Dan Harmon7413:29.802
10Joseph Toner36013:32.171
11Ryan Sweeney66914:02.495
12Pierpaolo Vivaldi97914:15.683
13David Rutherford22314:16.084
14Dustin Flagge30314:36.342
15Seth Cohen10215:14.979
16Dimitri Coste6715:16.125
Dale Wentworth64DNF

Side Car

Pos.DriverNo.Finish Time
1John-Thomas Wood18713:09.04
2David Hennessy12214:35.641
3Hans Schulz9916:26.315
4Ken Kyler17818:06.258

Vintage Motorcycle

Pos.DriverNo.Finish Time
1Robert Spann9313:33.528
2Mickey Alzola4913:37.511
3Marc LaNoue914:02.052
4Leonard Hale6214:08.493
5Lloyd Hale614:08.884
6Herbert Wolff17714:22.532
7Kevin Magner11414:55.291
8Joe Blackwell91615:49.773
9Robert Gerberich50118:13.82
Donald Bjornsrud777DNF

Quad 450

Pos.DriverNo.Finish Time
1Steve Tutt712:41.960
2Craig Kilday4413:14.948
3Troy Smith32213:35.923
4Michael Taylor62613:47.92
5Adam Rapier66614:48.30
6Scott Kolm92115:57.316

1205 Motorcycle

Pos.DriverNo.Finish Time
1Carlin Dunne511:11.329
2Jeff Grace9712:02.510
3Alexander Smith5512:12.920
4Glenn Cox1312:15.000
5Jeff Jensen50013:06.000
Mark Cernicky50DNF
Bob Milewsky106DNF
Greg Tracy555DNF


Pos.DriverNo.Finish Time
1Ikuo Honawa1612:20.084
2Chad Hord90914:33.429

Exhibition – CTR

Pos.DriverNo.Finish Time
1James Robinson90215:46.609



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