ABT’s Hardcore Treatment for Audi RS 7 Produces 735kW/1150Nm

Alexi Falson

German tuning house, ABT Sportsline, has taken the wraps off a serious performance package for the Audi RS 7 and RS 6, known as the ‘Legacy Edition’ that, amongst other things, brings outputs to a maniacal 735kW.

ABT’s treatment for the RS 6 and RS 7 has seen the tuners completely overhaul Audi’s stock 4.0-litre V8 with everything from new pistons, upgraded con rods, a carbon fibre intake, upgraded turbos, larger air and oil coolers and revised intercoolers.

The end result, so long as you can get your hands on 102-octane juice, is combined outputs totalling 735kW of power and 1150Nm of torque.

Without access to high-performance 102-octane, power outputs from the RS 6 & RS 7 Legacy Editon total 691kW of power and 1050Nm of torque, marking a huge power premium over Audi’s stock 456kW/850Nm twin-turbo V8.

ABT says that its tweaks have dropped 0-100km/h times to 3.1 seconds for the RS 7-LE.

On the visual front, ABT has given both the RS 6 and RS 7 a hefty amount of carbon fibre highlights, headlined by a new bonnet scoop to feed cool air to the hard-working beating heart and an aggressive new diffuser; both of which are finished in carbon fibre.

If you’re interested, ABT says production of the Legacy Edition kits for the Audi RS 6 and RS 7 are limited to 200 in total, with prices standing at $196,000 – not including the price of the donor car.

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