2016 Ford Falcon XR6 Sprint & XR8 Sprint specs confirmed

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Ford Australia has opened up a dedicated website for the new 2016 Falcon XR6 Sprint and XR8 Sprint special editions. It includes a full compilation of images, showing various details for the first time.

2016 Ford Falcon XR6 Sprint and XR8 Sprint

There isn’t much more we need to know in terms of specifications and details, with Ford releasing preliminary details last week and then some leaked information surfaced earlier today.

As confirmed earlier today, the XR8 Sprint will come with Pirelli P-Zero tyres and not the usual Dunlops, measuring 245/35 on the front and 265/35 on the rear. It also gets firmer “S Spec” sports suspension with updated spring rates and increased damper rebound.

The site confirms the XR6 Sprint with its 325kW turbo inline six will come with a “tailor-made” launch control system paired with the six-speed auto (no manual option, only XR8). It also gets Pirelli tyres and the firmer suspension as mentioned above, along with a “re-engineered engine, complete with a larger turbcharger, intercooler, and injectors”.

Another aspect the website confirms is the fuel economy of both. The XR6 Sprint uses 12.8L/100km on the combined cycle, while the XR8 Sprint slurps 13.8 and 14L/100km depending on the transmission (manual/auto). This is up from 12.6L/100km in the old FPV F6 (auto), and up from 13.6-13.7L/100km in the manual and auto 335kW XR8.

Both models also come with 355mm ventilated front discs clamped by Brembo six-piston fixed aluminum calipers on the front and 330mm ventilated discs with four-piston fixed calipers on the rear. The calipers are painted in gold on both models.

Separating the two in terms of specification, other than the engine, is the audio unit. In the XR6 Sprint there’s a “Prestige” setup with six speakers, while the XR8 Sprint gets a “Premium setup with nine speakers and a sub-woofer. On the outside the XR8 Sprint gets black side mirrors and a black roof, and quad outlet exhausts.

Ford Australia is expected to make a formal announcement along with releasing more images early tomorrow. We’ll keep you updated and update this report with more info soon.

More details can be found at the special website found here: http://www.ford.com.au/cars/falcon-sprint

UPDATE: Ford Australia has confirmed the special editions will hit showrooms in May, while confirming the S Spec suspension, and the engine output figures, as below:

XR6 Sprint – 325kW at 6000rpm and 576Nm at 2750rpm
XR8 Sprint – 345kW at 5750rpm and 575Nm at 2220-6250rpm

XR8 Sprint suspension improvements offer:

– Improved ride
– Provided sharper handling
– Increased grip levels
– Improved braking performance and cornering stability
– Reduced understeer
– Increased body control
– Improved balance

XR6 Sprint suspension improvements offer:

– Provided sportier ride
– Provided sharper handling
– Increased grip levels
– Improved braking performance and cornering stability
– Reduced understeer
– Increased body control
– Improved balance versus XR6 Turbo

6 thoughts on “2016 Ford Falcon XR6 Sprint & XR8 Sprint specs confirmed

  1. 2 great vehicles that collectors will love and I’d be very close to buying but I would think demand will be driving the price up and as an fg owner I’d be disappointed in seeing the same cabin. I don’t think ford will have problems moving these however.

  2. Brett, well done on the advance info prior to this showing up elsewhere! It looks as though we now know all about our “Ultimate Falcon” we both obsessed about last year on this site. We still haven’t been told if the XR6T Sprint gets the full internal upgrades from the F6 (strengthend crank/conrods/connecting pins in addition to the bigger turbo & injectors. Wonder why nothing about these things? Cheers, Brett, keep up the good work!

  3. Can’t understand why they haven’t confirmed important details for buyers yet – is it arrogance or thoughtlessness or ineptitude? Things like the internal strengthening for Turbo 6. Does it have the crank, conrods and connecting pin strengthening of the old F6? Why the HELL wouldn’t they inform prospective buyers about this to help them make a decision before buying a $60K car without all the necessary info to buy it? Especially enthusiast required detail like those important specs. beggars belief. Please, someone confirm they haven’t just brought the bottom end of the standard XR6 motor across to Sprint and whacked on an F6 giant turbo, injectors and even bigger intercooler than F6. What about the STRENGTH of the motor Ford??!! What the HELL is wrong with Ford these days? It is feeling like disregard and/or for enthusiast buyers by with-holding crucial info like this. To tell us would put them at ZERO disadvantage and be a GIANT comfort for buyers like me who want to know it has been PROPERLY ENGINEERED> I have no confirmation of this fact anywhere – only ‘big turbo’ marketing BS so far. Come on Ford, get bloody real and stop head F***king with us. I called Ford HQ and they refused to say anything more than the dolly girl on the front reception would tell me. Disgusting. Get your act together Ford and regain the professionalism and respect from enthusiasts you lost from the 70’s. This is a VERY poor show for the loyal buyers.

    1. An IMPORTANT update:
      Happily, I ended up speaking with a very knowledgeable person from Ford Aus HQ and had all of my concerns re durability, testing and engine componentry satisfied. The Sprint motor is as strong or stonger than it needs to be and Sprint has been through it’s own torturous and extended durability testing – car and motor. I have no concerns whatsoever and can only be full of praise for the fully detailed and complete response I received from Ford. This Sprint appears to me to be the most complete and potentially most reliable car Ford Aus has ever created. I was given the a lot of detail however I shouldn’t say anymore here as all will be out soon.
      Apparently more information about this and many other Sprint aspects will be disclosed at the official release not too far down the track. Thank you very much to the person I spoke with at Ford. From all indications he was one of the passionate ones involved in the Sprint project – he certainly sounded like that and fully devoted to Ford and his car. P.S: I will admit to being a bit stressed when I originally posted. I was finding it hard to get info on a car I wanted to buy. Other factors played in but I can see now I was unnecessarily negative towards Ford.

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