Walkinshaw Performance ‘W375’ kit for Gen-F HSV

September 13, 2013

HSV’s new Gen-F Clubsport R8 SV not mean enough for you? Walkinshaw Performance has announced a new W375 package for the Clubsport, Tourer and Maloo that might be more suitable.

Walkinshaw W375 HSV Gen-F Clubsport

Using the HSV’s 6.2-litre naturally aspirated V8 foundations, the Walkinshaw W375 pack comes with a retuned engine computer, a cold air intake system, and a full stainless steel exhaust with ceramic-coated headers and high-flow catalytic converters.

As a result, power is taken from the factory 325kW (or 340kW in the R8 SV’s case), out to a very beefy 375kW and 676Nm. Specific acceleration figures haven’t been mentioned, however, we have timed the 340kW R8 in 4.8 seconds. Expect the time to be cut well below the 4.5 seconds mark.

Walkinshaw W375 HSV Gen-F rear

In other areas, the W375 pack is distinguishable via the all-important ‘375’ badge on the back, a build plaque, and the changes made under the bonnet. Customers can order various unique Walkinshaw highlights, such as special decals to give the Commodore-based weapon a more exclusive look.

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So how much do you expect to pay for such performance? Walkinshaw is asking just $6495, which we think is quite reasonable, especially considering the package is backed by Walkinshaw’s driveline warranty which coincides with the factory three-year/100,000km arrangement.

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