Video: Jaguar F-Type review – first ever, with race drivers

December 14, 2012

The first ever drive impression of the stunning new Jaguar F-Type has been released online. Jaguar handed two pre-production models to Martin Brundle, Christian Danner and Justin Bell to put to the test.

The celebrity drivers – including former F1 driver Martin Brundle, former Formula 2 and Formula 3000 German race driver Christian Danner, and British race driver Justin Bell – were given an example of the entry-level supercharged V6 (280kW) and the top-spec supercharged V8 (364kW) to drive on Britain’s Snetterton 300 racing circuit.

Despite the camouflage paintwork, Jaguar says the vehicles were “representative of production intent from a dynamic and powertrain perspective”. So basically what you see and hear in the video is what you’ll soon be able to buy from the showroom.

The Jaguar F-Type V6 and V8 versions will be heading to Australian shores during the second-half of 2013. Prices are yet to be announced. ”

Click play below for a taste of what to expect. And just listen to that sound.

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