2016 R36 Nissan GT-R to get Williams hybrid, over 500kW – report

There’s a report circulating that suggests the next-gen ‘R36’ Nissan GT-R will come with a comprehensive hybrid package using a form of the existing V6.

2016 R36 Nissan GT-R unofficial renderImage: speculative rendering only

According to a Japanese report the next GT-R will come with a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 engine, as seen in the current model. To boost power and, perhaps more importantly, torque, an electric motor system will be matched up.

It’s understood Nismo engineers are helping to develop the next-gen powertrain using an F1-like KERS system derived from Williams technology.

Considering the current model produces 404kW of power – Nismo version 441kW – there is reason to believe the R36 with the electric assistance could produce well over 500kW.

This should see the current 0-100km/h time of just 2.7 seconds be cut even further, while the top speed is said to be pushed right out to around 340km/h.

It is only early days though. The next-gen GT-R isn’t due until at least 2016. With hybrid technology, the price of the mental sports car is likely to increase.