Uni students in Germany break 0-100km/h record: 1.779 seconds (video)

German university students have decimated the world 0-100km/h record, using a customer electric-powered formula racer.

University of Stuttgart-The Green Team

University of Stuttgart’s ‘Green Team’ students blitzed the sprint in just 1.779 seconds, bettering the previous record by a scant 0.006 seconds. Unbelievably, they achieved this feat with only 100kW; about one-seventh of what the Bugatti Veyron needs to get to the same speed in 2.5 seconds – an eternity.

It must be said though, the Green Team’s car weights 160kg resulting in a power-to-weight figure of 1.6kg:1kW, versus the Bug’s 2.56kg/1kW (1888kg at 736kW).

The car has four electric motors at each corner for all-wheel drive, and is awaiting official confirmation of the achievement by Guinness World Records.

Hats off to the driver – we can only imagine the g-force. It would feel like a gorilla tearing your face off. To help you try and wrap your head around that warp speed, check out the video below.

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University of Stuttgart Formula racer

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