Top 10 best-selling utes in Australia in 2014

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The official VFACTS figures for Australian new vehicle registrations in December are out, revealing the top 10 best-selling utes of 2014. The ute segment has long been one of the most popular segments for Australian consumers, and 2014 proved so once again.

2014 Toyota HiLux SR5 double cab

Coming in at number one for the year was of course the Toyota HiLux. It was the third best-selling nameplate of the year overall, and easily topping all other utes. However, Mitsubishi did overtake the popular Toyota during December.

Toyota sold 38,126 examples of both 4×2 and 4×4 versions of the HiLux during 2014. This is down on the 39,931 units sold during all of 2013. Although 4×2 sales were up 2.1 per cent, 4×4 sales fell 6.9 per cent.

Sitting far behind in second place, like the rest of the ute range, is the Ford Ranger. The local arm sold 26,619 examples of both 4×2 and 4×4 versions during 2014. Sales are up considerably though, after reporting 21,752 sales in 2013. This was helped by 4×2 sales rising 22.9 per cent and 4×4 sales climbing 22.2 per cent.

After a last-minute burst towards the end of the year, the Mitsubishi Triton claims third place overall. Mitsubishi sold 24,256 examples for the year, not quite matching the 24,512 effort of 2013. While 4×2 sales are up 7.6 per cent, 4×4 sales dropped 2.7 per cent compared with 2013.

Working its way into fourth position was the Holden Colorado. The latest model has been on sale for a few years now and sales are going steadily. The local GM brand sold 18,048 examples in 2014, bettering the 17,203 units it sold in 2013. Most of this was thanks to a 8.7 per cent rise in demand for the 4×4 models, despite an 11.3 per cent drop in 4×2 sales.

The Nissan Navara used to be one of the strong contenders in the segment but now it seems popularity is dropping off in the lead up to the new model launch. Nissan Australia sold 16,080 examples during 2014, far behind the 24,108 effort of 2013. 4×2 sales plummeted 45.2 per cent and 4×4 sales dropped 32 per cent.

Coming in at number six place overall was the Mazda BT-50. This is the mechanical brother to the Ford Ranger, but it hasn’t been as successful. The local division sold 13,051 units in 2014, marginally down on 2013’s figure of 13,702. While 4×2 sales are up 0.9 per cent, 4×4 sales are down 7.7 per cent.

Isuzu is becoming a stronger and stronger brand with each passing year, with the D-Max now snapping at the heels of the Mazda BT-50. Isuzu sold 12,049 examples in 2014, up from 10,089 units sold in 2013. Buyers swarmed to the 4×4 versions in 2014, posting a 21.3 per cent increase, with 4×2 sales also experiencing a nice 9.4 per cent rise.

Isuzu D-Max

The Volkswagen Amarok is one of the better vehicles in this segment in our opinion, but it hasn’t really shifted from its eighth place position all year. Sales are slowly rising though. VW sold 8285 examples in 2014, up from 7522 sold in 2013. Even though 4×2 sales are down 2.1 per cent, 4×4 sales rose 11.2 per cent.

In second-last in this top 10, the Great Wall V200. Great Wall sold 1153 examples during 2014, down considerably on the 2667 units it sold in 2013. The drop was pushed by a 52.2 per cent decrease in 4×2 sales, and a 58.3 per cent decrease in 4×4 sales.

Rounding out the top 10 was the Great Wall V240. The company sold 756 units during 2014, under half as many as it sold in 2013 (1716). Like the V200, both 4×2 and 4×4 sales are down; 56.8 per cent and 51 per cent, respectively.

Overall ute sales dropped compared with 2013, in terms of combined 4×2 and 4×4 figures. Last year 175,373 utes were sold in Australia, down on the 182,915 examples sold in 2013. The figures were made up of 41,807 4×2 utes and 133,566 4x4s in 2014, compared with 44,831 4x2s and 138,084 4x4s in 2013. See below for the top 10 4×2 and 4×4 combined sales of 2014;

  1. Toyota HiLux – 38,126 (down from 39,931 of 2013)
  2. Ford Ranger – 26,619 (up from 21,752)
  3. Mitsubishi Triton – 24,256 (down from 24,512)
  4. Holden Colorado – 18,048 (down from 17,203)
  5. Nissan Navara – 16,080 (down from 24,108)
  6. Mazda BT-50 – 13,051 (down from 13,702)
  7. Isuzu D-Max – 12,049 (up from 10,089)
  8. Volkswagen Amarok – 8285 (up from 7522)
  9. Great Wall V200 – 1153 (down from 2667)
  10. Great Wall V240 – 756 (down from 1716)

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  1. The Australian Mitsubishi team needs to lend a hand to their South African counterparts, the Triton is doing horribly considering it performs so well in Australia and it’s such a capable bakkie.

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