Tesla Model S update 6.2 includes apps to end range anxiety

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Remember the news from Elon Musk earlier this week about an update ending range anxiety? The software update 6.2 for the Tesla Model S is now ready for deployment.

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First thing’s first, how does it end range anxiety? Well, the on-board computer/touch-screen now has a Range Assurance and Trip Planner application which allows users to plot their journey and know the spots where they can recharge before actually setting off.

The system obviously has little significance in Australia at the moment as there are only two supercharging stations in the entire country. A new charging setup is being planned for Melbourne.

Aside from the trip planning applications, software update 6.2 also comes with Automatic Emergency Braking technology that can automatically apply the brakes if there is danger of a front-end impact.

The blind-spot warning system has been updated as well and can operate between speeds of 30km/h and 140km/h. If the driver starts to change lane, purposely or accidentally, a little symbol lights up on the dash. If the driver continues and there is a car in the way, red lights flash up on the dash and the steering wheel vibrates. There’s also an audible warning.

Lastly, the epic P85D, coming to Australia in June-July, comes with a special Valet Mode which allows the owner to turn down the limit of performance for when other drivers are driving it. There’s also options to conceal personal user information which is within the on-board computer.

The update will be rolled out to all Model S owners in the next couple of weeks. Tesla Motors Australia is yet to announce local details. Head over to our Tesla Model S P85+ review and video for more info on the Model S.

Tesla Model S Trip Planner

One thought on “Tesla Model S update 6.2 includes apps to end range anxiety

  1. Elon Musk & Tesla fan boys ought to be in prison.

    Does the supersecret Ovaltine decoder ring,come with the Tesla software update? (Sarcasm about the corporate hype and gullibility of fan boys)

    eLOON Musk tweets to his twits. Fan boys don’t think for themselves, they just gullibly suck it up. Like most cults, the minions are mindlessly obedient. Some of them even referred to Musk as their God.

    CanuckSyko “@elonmusk you are a god amongst men”

    Elon Musk is much like Marshall Applewhite. Also they both have very similar followers.

    If fan boys keep on their tinfoil hats, maybe Elon Musk will make them his wives, let them ride his rocket, suck up his Kool-Aid, rendezvous with a UFO behind the next comet to escape from the killer robots. lol

    Elon Musk and Tesla fan boys fraudulently claimed that Tesla batteries are green, non-toxic, non-hazardous, landfill safe and contain no heavy metals. Their false claims can be debunked by Tesla’s own emergency responders guide for the Tesla model S, which indicates that Tesla batteries contain hazardous toxic materials and heavy metals.

    Contrary to eLOON Musk’s claims that range anxiety would be brought to an end with the latest software updates; there will still be range anxiety for the Tesla model S for many reasons. The Tesla model S has a lousy range and slow refill time compared to an ICE. There still will be unexpected whether, unexpected construction, unexpected delays, unexpected power consumption, steep grades, rough roads, charging station problems/outages, map/navigation problems, power outages, etc.

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