SEAT Mii made entirely of lace celebrates new model launch

SEAT’s ‘Mii by MANGO’ city car has been officially launched in the UK, which prompted the Spanish car brand to find an adequate celebration. During a three-day manufacturing process in London, an eight strong team of specialists under supervision of visual artist Ashley Joiner created a full size copy of the fashion-inspired special edition car. Surprisingly, its main ingredients did not consist of steel, leather or rubber, but resin and jewels… and lots of lace.

SEAT Mii by MANGO made of Lace

No less than 45 metres of nude-coloured cotton lace were needed to construct the world’s very first fabric car. Ten metres of black lace developed the wheels, while another 70 metres of lace trimmings set with sparkling jewels provided an overall glittery glow. An impressive 25kg of resin made sure that all intricately woven threads remained perfectly in place.

According to Chris Stevens, SEAT UK’s head of marketing, the choice for this project is pretty self-explanatory:

“This is SEAT’s first fashion collaboration and what better way to celebrate our partnership with MANGO, than to create the world’s first fabric car.”

Creative director Ashley Joiner added that “[lace] is one of the hottest fashion trends right now, so it made sense to use lace as the primary material”.

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The Mii (or at least the variant without lace or jewels) is now available in the United Kingdom, where interested buyers should prepare to be at least £10,995 lighter after purchase. The empty place left in either wallet or bank account will be soothed by an elegantly designed city car, available in three- or five-door form.

It features an Alcantara upholstery as well as glossy door mirror covers, and 15-inch alloy wheels. SEAT profiles the Mii as the ultimate fashion accessory, which is probably why it comes with a sizeable boot: the ideal space to store all other fancy shopping items.

SEAT Mii by MANGO and Lace version

There are currently no plans to distribute the car in Australia, but with the help of seven friends and the materials mentioned above, nothing keeps you from crafting its lacy twin yourself.

Frances is a contributing journalist at PerformanceDrive, from Antwerp in Belgium. She recently ventured over to Australia to expand her journalism skills and to do a bit of travelling. She is an expert in cultural reporting and can write in three different languages. Her ideal car is a dark blue MINI Cooper S with a Union Jack flag on the roof.