Opel confirms new crossover versions of Astra & Insignia – Commodore SUV?

Alexi Falson

Opel has announced plans to introduce a mammoth 29 new models by the end of the decade, including a new flagship Insignia Grand Sport (2018 Commodore), Insignia Sports Tourer wagon, and a jumped up off-road version.


Dubbed the ‘7 in 17’ strategy, the plan encompasses, as you can probably imagine, the introduction of seven new models by the end of next year – a record for the company established back in 1899.

Opel says the plan will breathe new life into the brand’s portfolio, and strengthen its lineup. More significantly for Australian buyers, we could see premieres of a number of cars that could hit the road in the near future wearing a Holden badge.

Finer details regarding the seven new models will be released next year, but we do know that there is going to be a new flagship model, called the Insignia Grand Sport, an all-new small crossover joining the Astra family, a versatile van called the Opel Vivaro, and an off-road version of the Insignia Sports Tourer wagon called the Insignia Country Tourer. The latter model could be of particular interest to Aussie buyers, potentially giving the Commodore an additional personality and a slice of the popular SUV pie.

Also in 2017, Europe will see the introduction of the Ampera-e which has a claimed range of 500km, and can travel 150km on a thirty-minute fast charge. Opel CEO, Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann, said:

“With these seven new models for 2017 Opel will become a completely different brand within the next 12 months. We are making electro-mobility feasible for everyday driving with the Ampera-e. The second-generation Insignia shows a new elegance, lightness and athleticism. And with the equally new crossover vehicles in the B and C segments we are extending our portfolio in a decisive area, which will give our growth significant additional impetus.”

We’ll keep you updated when we hear more details as to what will be shipped to Australia wearing a Holden badge. Opel will reveal the new Insignia in December, providing a first glimpse of the new NG Commodore. See below for the future lineup as outlined by Opel:

  1. The range champion: Introduced at the Paris motor show, the Ampera-e will revolutionize electro-mobility as of spring 2017. With its electric range of more than 500 km (according to the New European Driving Cycle), the Ampera-e dominates its class. In addition, the Ampera-e offers sports car performance and the spaciousness of a five-door in the compact class.
  2. The new flagship: With the all-new Opel Insignia Grand Sport a five-door sedan with coupé-like silhouette, sporty handling and class-leading all-wheel drive makes its debut. Like its predecessor, more than 900,000 units of which have been sold, the new Insignia will be produced in Rüsselsheim.
  3. The large sporty station wagon: Like the Insignia Grand Sport, the new Opel Insignia Sports Tourer shares its design language with the visionary Opel Monza Concept study from 2013. The sporty front with the slim headlights signals pure dynamism. Compared to the predecessor, the interior space has increased significantly, especially at the rear seats and in the trunk.
  4. The all-rounder: With the Opel Insignia Country Tourer the Sports Tourer is joined again by an adventurer with all-wheel drive and off-road looks. The new Country Tourer is the right choice for winter-sport enthusiasts, outdoor fans and anyone who appreciates an individual appearance.
  5. The versatile touring companion: Next year the successful Opel Vivaro enters a whole new level of passenger comfort and flexibility.
  6. The car with that certain “X-tra”: At the beginning of 2017, the best-selling SUV in the B-segment – the MOKKA X – will be joined by a new crossover model (CUV) – the Opel Crossland X. The new model gives further impetus to the trend towards sporty as well as spacious CUVs.
  7. The new CUV in the C-segment: Opel will extend its offer in the compact class with an especially sporty crossover model joining the Astra and the Zafira.
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