Nissan Xtronic CVT transmission under fire

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Nissan is blaming gearbox supplier Jatco – a company it owns a 75 per cent stake in – for problems with its Xtronic continuously variable transmission (CVT).

Nissan Xtronic CVT

The Xtronic gearbox is fitted to many of Nissan’s smaller cars and there are reports customers have complained about the system.

Jatco has fired back at Nissan, saying the people who have complained about the Xtronic system have done so because they aren’t used to driving cars with CVT technology.

Nissan chief exeucitve Carlos Goshn said “every time you launch a new CVT you always have some risks”.

“So we now have a process by which, before we launch any new CVT, they [Jatco]¬†come before the Nissan executive committee to explain all the measures they have taken to make sure there are no surprises.”

To solve the problem, Nissan has appointed the company’s most senior North American manufacturing and supply chain executive, Bill Kreuger, to be vice-president of Jatco. Kreuger will oversee a more stringent inspection method for any new CVT gearbox that comes through the production line.

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  1. I had a Nissan hire car for use in cairns for a week never having driven a car with a new cvt transmission I found this trany to be crap to drive , the Nissan pulsar had 37000 kms on the clock takeing off from a set of lights was an experience indeed ,slowly accelerating the trany changes and drops straight into its high gear labouring as if it has missed a smooth change other times it would just rev its guts out on a faster acceleration as if it was slipping and then find a place to settle into . The car itself was very good on fuel showing us that it was getting 7.6 litres per 100 kms which you,d think wasn’t the case as it sounded like the tranny was slipping quite a lot and always trying to put it self in the right place to run properly , in fairness to Nissan this is probably a very good transmission idea and with the bugs sorted out would work very well . kim alford perth western Australia.

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