Mercedes-Benz previews Vision EQXX concept, 1000km range

With the current lineup of Mercedes-Benz EVs steadily growing, the company will soon give us a sneak peek at what we can expect in its next-generation of sporty cars, with the Vision EQXX.

The company has made some insanely bold claims about the efficiency of the EQXX prototype, but unfortunately, we don’t have any firm powertrain or battery details to report on as yet. Regardless, Mercedes says that the Vision EQXX will be able to travel from Beijing to Shanghai without the need for recharging. The distance between Beijing and Shanghai – driving on the fastest road – is 1214km.

Mercedes says that achieving this ultra-long range figure has been made possible by an extremely aerodynamic body, weight reduction, as well as constructing perhaps one of the most efficient powertrains we’ve seen in a passenger car.

Markus Shafer, Merc’s head of research and development, said: “We have set up a group of our engineers to take on an extraordinary task, to build the longest and highest efficiency electric car the world has ever seen.”

“This is a serious project, chasing next-generation technologies,” Shafer said, adding that “we intend to incorporate the learning into the next generation of series production cars.”

Mercedes says that the Vision EQXX has been designed as a showcase of what will be realised in the next generation of its electric vehicles, but for now, those looking to purchase an all-electric Mercedes will be pushed toward the EQ family, which offer claimed range figures just north of 400km.

Mercedes-Benz is planning to unveil the Vision EQXX in full early next year.