Mazda3 given crazy widebody treatment by JGTC

Josh Bennis

If you’re looking to add some aesthetic muscle to your Mazda3 you might be interested in a widebody kit by Taiwanese company JGTC. Given that the current generation has been in production since 2013, this is one way to give your hatch a fresh look.

Reminiscent of a Liberty Walk kit, the Mazda3 widebody kit by JGTC features a new black grille and black badges, tinted headlights, a decorated front bumper, an adjustable chin spoiler, massive wheel arch flares, and a sporty-looking bonnet.

No widebody kit would be complete without a huge rear wing, and there’s even a second ducktail spoiler above the rear lights – because one spoiler is never enough, right? The factory rear bumper is also replaced and features a diffuser that looks more like a park bench than a piece of aero, however it further adds to the extreme look and no doubt aerodynamic advantage over what a factory model would offer.

Though not part of the actual widebody kit but helping the Mazda3 to complete the new hulking look is a custom air suspension setup to lower the car, better allowing the new set of aftermarket wheels to fill the flared wheel arches. Titanium exhaust tips and bright green brake calipers finish it off.

The pick of the Mazda3 variants to modify in such a way would have to be the SP25, which features a gutsy 2.5-litre four-cylinder that produces 138kW and 250Nm.

Given the lack of an MPS model in the current lineup, adding a JGTC widebody kit is one way to at least add some ‘visual’ speed to your Mazda3. Tell us, would you modify your Mazda3 in such a way?

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