Mazda reveals new 1.5L turbo-diesel for next Mazda2

Mazda has revealed a new, super-efficient 1.5-litre turbo-diesel engine that will make its debut in the next-gen Mazda2. The unit showcases advanced technologies and an impressive torque output.

Mazda SkyActiv-D 1.5 TD engine

The 1.5-litre four-cylinder, called the SkyActiv-D, is a clean diesel motor that’s pressurised by a variable geometry turbocharger. Intake air flows through a water-to-air intercooler which is cleverly built into the intake manifold.

To improve combustion efficiency, there’s water control valves and water jacket spacers, while the compression ratio is at a very low 14.8:1 for ideal combustion efficiency. The pistons feature an egg-shape profile as well, to help reduce contact between the flame and the chamber wall.

Mazda says the little unit will be one of the most economical non-hybrid powertrains in its segment when it arrives, passing Euro 6 emissions standards and Japan’s Post New Long-term regulations.

As for performance, the motor develops 77kW of power and a very impressive 250Nm of torque. Compared with some of the leading compact diesels out there today, these are some great figures.

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The engine isn’t likely to make it to the Australian market in the next Mazda2 unfortunately, however, it may appear further down the line, possibly in another model.

Below image: Mazda2 ‘Hazumi’ concept


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