Lamborghini Gallardo getting 26B rotary conversion

When it comes to engine swaps, exotic cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis are sacred ground, invoking ire if someone dares to remove their precision-crafted hearts. Case-in-point, the VW Jetta-powered Lamborghini in our Top 10 strangest engine swaps special.

Redemption may come in the form of this 26B quad-rotor under construction by Canada’s Derwin Performance, as featured on its Facebook page.

Generally speaking, the most common layout for a Wankel rotary engine is the 13B two-rotor as seen in the RX-7 and RX-8. The early ’90s JDM-only Cosmo was a triple-rotor 20B, with a V8-like 220kW and 403Nm, while a four-rotor 26B was used in the 24 hours of LeMans winning 787B.

Derwin’s rotary will be built in-house, with eccentric shafts sourced from New Zealand – considered the Mecca of rotary engines. It will be peripheral ported, too.

Careful attention will be paid to the exhaust system to ensure it produces a bassy staccato worthy of an exotic supercar. Power output is expected to be in the neighbourhood of 600hp (447kW).

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The team are also working on a 20B triple-rotor RX-8. Tell us what you think about the idea of a rotary-engined Lamborghini below.

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