Jennifer Lopez stars in Fiat 500 C 150 Convertible commercial

September 20, 2011

Chances of you liking Jennifer Lopez and the Fiat 500 C 150 Convertible are very likely – did we just stereotype? So much in fact, Fiat’s North American bosses have installed Jennifer Lopez as “the face” of the tiny Italian hatch because she is ‘modern, authentic, passionate, and determined to stand out from the crowd’.

The music video for Jennifer Lopez and the Fiat 500 C 150 Convertible is called ‘Papi’ – most people who watch it ain’t going to be watching it for the car, or ‘Papi’, they’re in it for the J Lo boot-wah.

It’s not bad for a PR spin; it certainly beats the usual happy-go-lucky z-grade actors who feature in most car advertisements – there’s even jumping dirt bikes!

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