Ferrari 458 ruined by angry girlfriend in Forgiato ad (video)

“Our wheels survive even a woman’s wrath.” That seems to be the message that American luxury wheel maker Forgiato wants to convey with its latest commercial video. The short clip stars two ravishing redheads; a gorgeous girl with fiery mane and a splendid Ferrari 458 Italia. Caution: Emotional car-lovers better stop reading this article right now.

Forgiato Ferrari 458 smashed

The plot is fairly straightforward. Redhead One (the girl) enters her luxurious mansion after a shopping quest and discovers her dearest darling in bed with a blonde rival. Her smoky eyes burning with bloodlust, she sees no other option but to sharpen her sledgehammer (surely every girl has one for emergencies like this) and prepare for war. Battle armour for the occasion? A little black dress and killer heels.

(Emotional car-lovers, this is our final warning.)

All hell breaks loose in the sunlit front yard, where Redhead One starts a fight that makes even the bravest among us flinch, as the double blade meets Redhead Two, the Ferrari 458 Italia. The war wounds follow quickly, with deep dents, a shattered windshield and window glass raining in shimmering drops onto the ground. A glorious victory awaits Redhead One, until she targets the Forgiato wheels. Her weapon of mass destruction fails to produce even the slightest scratch, and that is when Forgiato chooses to dramatically adorn the screen with its conclusion and motto; “unbreakable”.

Meanwhile, the blogosphere is alive with discussions, alternated with cries of agony at so much pointless violence inflicted on a $525,000 garage gem. Forgiato will be the last one to care. The epic battle of the redheads has already been viewed by 106,279 people, and counting. Last time we checked our personal viral-video detector, it was buzzing frantically. See below.