F1-powered Mercedes-AMG One set for June 1 reveal

Alexi Falson

After years of cryptic clues and even complaints from some at the top of the food chain, Mercedes-AMG has confirmed that its F1-inspired (and powered) road car, the Mercedes-AMG One, is gearing up for its official reveal on Wednesday, June 1.

Further than the official unveil date, Mercedes-AMG remains tight-lipped on the official debut of the One, although that won’t quash excitement from automotive enthusiasts that have been waiting since 2017 for its arrival.

The Mercedes-AMG One will come powered by a Formula 1-derived 1.6-litre turbocharged six-cylinder, similar to the one seen in the 2016 F1 car. Additional power is supplied by no less than four electric motors producing at least 735kW, although power figures are yet to be confirmed for the showroom model.

Mercedes-AMG says the One will be by far the company’s most aggressive powertrain yet, with its V6 revving all the way up to 11,000rpm. This high-revving nature will likely prove both a blessing and a curse over time, with reports stating that Mercedes-AMG requires the internal combustion engine to be rebuilt after just 50,000km.

The Mercedes-AMG’s idle speed also proved to be a nightmare for engineers to conquer during development, with the F1 engine preferring to idle around the 5000rpm mark. It has had to be dropped to 1200rpm to meet road-legal requirements.

We reported late last year that Mercedes-AMG was rumoured to enter production some time in 2022, as the company continued to struggle with homologating an F1 car to a road-legal street car; who would have guessed?

Since then, Mercedes-AMG has confirmed a 2022 production schedule for the One, with the number of vehicles capped at just 275 in total; all of which were accounted for way back in 2017 for around AU$3.8 million.

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