Classic Mini Cooper body shells being reproduced for fans

February 17, 2017

Deciding to restore a classic car can be a difficult process. Oft-times you’ll go from wrecker to wrecker, only to find the dreaded tin worm has taken a hold on most candidates.

Well if your desired classic of choice is a British icon, never fear, British Motor Heritage is here. This repro Mini body looks as good as new and can be had from £9950, or $16,134 Dollarydoos. These bodyshells will be made using the original press dies and jigs from the original.

Alec Issigonis’s original Mini was 3054mm long, by 1397mm wide and 1346mm high on a 2036mm wheelbase. The latest interpretation engineered by BMW is 3821mm long, 1727mm wide and 1414mm tall in three-door form, meaning there are substantial differences in size dictated by modern customer requirements and crash regs.

All of this begs the question, what powertrain would you put inside this bodyshell? Would you keep it original? Or put a Hayabusa engine, or perhaps, a Honda F20C screamer from the S2000 to create something absolutely insane?

In any case, this makes us wish BMW designed something with the original Mini’s dimensions and form factor, but with modern mechanicals rather than the bloated and chic fashion icon it has today.

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