Caterham teases all-new model on the side of F1 car

September 9, 2013

If you’ve got a keen eye for detail, you might have noticed Caterham provided a little preview of an upcoming sports car during the weekend’s F1. Creatively, a faint silhouette was attached to the side of its F1 cars.

Caterham sports car teaser on F1 car

It’s understood the car will be an all-new high performance model showcasing a fresh body design, separate from the regular Seven-based vehicles.

Very little has been revealed about the car at this stage. It will be the first vehicle to be developed and engineered by Caterham Technology & Innovation though, with help from the Caterham F1 team and Caterham Composites.

Caterham F1 teaser

The car shouldn’t be confused with a new vehicle being pitched by the ex-Caterham CEO, Ansar Ali, who has plans for a vehicle known as Project E10. Developed by Zenos, the Lotus Elise-based sports car is set to be powered by a Ford 2.0-litre offering around 150kW. It’s understood the car will weigh around 650kg.

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As for the new Caterham, it will debut at the Singapore Formula One on the weekend of September 20-22.

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