Callum launches EV coupe capable of a full-charge in 6 minutes

Alexi Falson

Fancy a sporty-looking electric coupe that can fully top up its battery in just six minutes? That’s one of the bold claims coming from Callum, an engineering firm from the UK.

The company says it has cracked the code when it comes to ultra-fast-charging architecture thanks to innovations from battery specialists, Nyobolt.

Fitted with a compact 35kWh battery pack that offers 250km of range, the Nyobolt EV is said to fully charge its pack in a claimed six minutes with access to the right DC fast charger.

The company says its ultra-fast charging 35kWh battery has been tested over 2000 charging cycles without any “significant” performance losses over time, with hopes it will go into production in early 2024.

The styling package comes courtesy of Julian Thomson, the man responsible for the Lotus Elise, who attempted to modernise the design with the sports coupe.

It measures 100mm wider and 150mm longer than the Elise, and receives carbon fibre bodywork, a set of LED head and taillights, a duck-tail rear end and comes riding on 19-inch alloys.

There’s no word on power outputs from the electric motors, though its designers are eyeing off a target weight “close to one tonne” which will no doubt translate to a healthy power-to-weight ratio.

Nyobolt’s technology is said to unlock not only performance bonuses thanks to the lighter battery pack, but also lower running costs for owners and less use of precious metals used to produce larger battery packs.

“Nyobolt’s pioneering battery technology has provided us with a unique and inspiring opportunity to support in the design and execution of a vehicle set to mark the way forward for EV technology,” says managing director, David Fairbairn.

Nyobolt’s CEO, Sai Shivareddy, said: “Previously, enabling a light weight fast-charging vehicle was not possible without compromising its lifetime, so people have been relying on costly and large battery packs in the vehicle.”

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