Bugatti opens first fashion store in London, more planned

November 14, 2014

The London district of Knightsbridge is unquestionably a shopper’s Shangri-La. The mighty towers of Harrods overlook this big spenders’ walk of fame, where myriad British pounds are traded for the most exclusive goods on the market. And just recently, Brompton Road welcomed a new fancy resident. Lavishly emptying your purse is now also possible in Bugatti’s very first fashion store.

Bugatti London fashion store

Dark wood, chocolatey leather and glimmering marble meet in an elaborate interior that breathes luxury and sophisticated chic. This is the place where the French car brand proudly sells the men’s clothing assortments Ettore Bugatti and Bugatti-Performance Luxury. The store will distribute some limited-edition capsule collections as well.

Both owners and fans are encouraged to browse the polished shelves of Knightsbridge’s latest glam boutique. Most of them will probably not cross the wobbly bridge between perusing and paying, though. Both design and location betray a target group that roams a wealthier segment of the social pyramid.

Currently, the British capital is the only city in the world to host a Bugatti fashion store, but that honour will wane soon. Bugatti has a five-year plan to open up to 30 extra stores in major metropolises all around the globe. Inhabitants of Tokyo, Dubai, Doha, Paris and Milan are the next hubs to accommodate a Bugatti outlet, before this striving retail business ventures overseas and conquers yet unknown US locations in 2016.

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Frances is a contributing journalist at PerformanceDrive, from Antwerp in Belgium. She recently ventured over to Australia to expand her journalism skills and to do a bit of travelling. She is an expert in cultural reporting and can write in three different languages. Her ideal car is a dark blue MINI Cooper S with a Union Jack flag on the roof.