BMW ranked as most powerful car brand by Forbes

According to data collected by Forbes in the US, BMW is ranked as the most powerful car brand. The list takes into account various company’s revenue and branding values.

2013 BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo

Sitting at the top of the overall list is of course Apple, followed by Microsoft. The computer giants are worth $87.1 billion and $54.7 billion, respectively.

As for car brands, BMW sits in at number nine spot with a brand value of $26.3 billion. It’s just behind General Electric (8th – $33.7 billion) and McDonald’s (7th – $37.4). BMW is also ranked 5th overall in terms of consumer perception, ahead of Google (7th) but behind Microsoft (1st).

As for the next vehicle brand in the top 100 list, Toyota comes in as the 14th most powerful brand, valued at $21.9 billion. Mercedes-Benz also sits in the top 20, as the 16th most powerful ($21.8 billion), as well as Honda in 19th ($20.9 billion).

Head over to for the full top 100 list.

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