BMW most Google-searched car brand in the world

Brett Davis

Ever wondered what the most Google-searched car brand in the world is? According to some research and Google data covering the past 12 months, more internet users punched BMW into the Google search bar than any other car brand.

According to data compiled by auto maintenance company Holts Lloyd, based on Google searches around the world over the past year averaged month by month, BMW was the top-searched car brand in 137 different countries. It apparently had over 17.5 million searches (17,626,490).

Coming in second place was trusty Toyota. It was the top-searched car brand in 21 countries. And that makes sense given the Corolla and Camry are among the best-selling new vehicles in the world. In third place was Mercedes-Benz, which was the top-searched in five countries around the world.

The fourth most searched car brand over the past year was Tesla. It was the top search in four countries, including Norway and Switzerland where electric vehicles are extremely popular. Ferrari came in seventh spot for global car brand searches, and was the top-searched car brand in Monaco.

Interestingly. Actually, it’s not that interesting. It’s more of an expected observation. Toyota was the most searched brand in Australia. This makes sense given that Toyota has been the best-selling vehicle brand in this country for years, and its HiLux has been the best-selling model for years. According to the data Toyota was searched 246,000 times in Australia.

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