2018 BMW ‘Z5’ spotted at Nurburgring, interesting aero kit (video)

Following the recent spotting of the new Toyota Supra at the Nurburgring, it seems BMW is readying its version of the car expected to adopt a ‘Z5’ nameplate.

BMW Z5 prototype Nurburgring

It’s understood BMW and Toyota are co-developing both sports cars simultaneously, likely sharing some major components. The fact that a test mule of Toyota’s new Supra was seen leaving BMW’s workshop near the Nurburgring means BMW might have a fairly big influence on the car.

As for the BMW Z5, this is set to come in as the replacement for the Z4 convertible. It’s believed it will launch in convertible form, at least initially, with the potential for a coupe to arrive further down the track.

This is the first time a prototype has been seen out on the Nurburgring conducting pretty serious testing laps. It likely means the company is well into development stages and is probably now fine-tuning and finding the right balance for the setup.

By the looks of it the Z5 will showcase some interesting aero features, including front winglets on the lower bumper bar – albeit nicer designs than those seen on this prototype – as well as an active rear wing to help with high-speed stability and under braking.

The German and Japanese models are likely to go separate ways in terms of powertrain options. BMW will probably implant its range of turbocharged four- and six-cylinder engines, while Toyota is expected to present a hybrid formula. Of course, there is a chance both companies will combine their strongest attributes in the area of engine development.

According to reports both the Supra and Z5 will be produced in the same Magna Steyr factory in Austria. More details are anticipated to be announced later this year. Click play below for a preview of what to expect from the Beemer.