Alfa Romeo Giulia to debut new 2.0 TBi 4cyl with 257kW?

The Alfa Romeo Giulia’s 2.0-litre powertrain may soon receive a power boost up to 257kW, according to a discovery made unintentionally by a Dutch tuning house.


Up until now, the most powerful offering within Alfa’s 2.0 lineup was the 205kW/470Nm GME T4 option. Now though, we could be set to see a more powerful variant enter the market after Dutch tuning house Squadra Tuning accidentally stumbled upon some new information on Fiat Chrysler’s own website.

As the story goes, Squadra Tuning was apparently browsing Fiat Chrysler’s parts website when it accidentally discovered this table while browsing options available for the Giulia’s brake componentry. Squadra then broken the news on its Facebook page, with a post attached saying:

“We are not really intended to spread new facts [about the Alfa Romeo Giulia]. But this is something we found remarkable. Surfing on the parts site of the Alfa Giulia, we stumbled upon brake discs for the 280PS model, but also for a Giulia 2.0 TBi with 350PS (257kW).”

“Vermogen” translated from Dutch to English means “power”, while PK refers to the metric horsepower (same as PS). Alfa Romeo is yet to make an official comment on Squadra’s discovery. If it is true though the engine will become one of the most powerful 2.0L four-cylinder production engines on the market.

The Giulia goes on sale in Australia in February, with local prices yet to be announced. An example of the QV will debut in the country tonight, at the new dedicated Alfa Romeo showroom in Melbourne.

Autoevolution, as requested.