2012 991 Porsche 911 crash – the first?

Is this the first ever 2012 991 Porsche 911 crash? After being on sale for only a month or so, a black Carrera example has already been involved in an accident.

Of course it was bound to happen, but it’s always interesting, and painful, to see such a brand new vehicle all damaged from an impact. And a shame when it’s a fine piece of machinery such as the new 911.

According to reports, the driver, in the Netherlands, was heading down a narrow street when he was greeted with a Volvo V50. With no room to move, the two collided.

The 911 then mounted the gutter and nudged a small wall, crumpling parts of the front end. No injuries were reported in the bingle.

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By the looks of it, the damage is mostly cosmetic. The 911 will likely be repaired and live another day. It’s unknown if speed was a contributing factor.

The new 2012 Porsche 911 Coupe and Convertible is set to go on sale in Australia next month.

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