Volvo IntelliSafe Auto Pilot technology revealed (video)

Brett Davis

Volvo has released a preview of its upcoming autonomous driving technology, called IntelliSafe Auto Pilot. The advanced tech will soon become available for certain markets on specific roads.

Volvo IntelliSafe Auto Pilot

First thing’s first, IntelliSafe Auto Pilot is not about to be an option on your everyday Volvo just yet. At this stage the company is merely showing the potential and will provide customers with the possibility to demo the system on roads where autonomous driving is available.

Volvo is calling its system one of the industry’s “most advanced and easy-to-use” interfaces out there, allowing drivers to seamlessly go from traditional driving to autonomous driving modes.

The system can be activated and deactivated via special paddles on the steering wheel. When the car enters a route that accepts driverless driving, the car notifies the driver that Auto Pilot is ready to go. Lights on the steering wheel also begin to flash.

The driver then simply needs to pull both paddles at the same time to activate the system, whereby the lights turn to a constant green while it is engaged. In this mode, the car takes complete control of the steering, braking and accelerator.

When the designated road is about to finish, the car then gives the driver a 60-second countdown to take over control once again. If the driver fails to take control, the car will automatically bring itself to a complete stop.

Volvo is making the system available on 100 specially-made XC90 SUVs as part of a Drive Me program, which will be available to families and commuters in Gothenburg in 2017. The company says it aims to make the system available to the general public some time afterwards. Check out the video below for a preview.

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